April 26th - April 27th : 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
McCaw Hall
Seattle WA
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DevOpsDays is a unique conference for anyone interested in building or operating a high-velocity, software-driven business or agency. The program includes keynote talks, Ignite talks, and participant-organized open space discussions on the topics most important to the attendees.

Chef will be at DevOpsDays Seattle and one of our co-workers will be presenting Wednesday, April 26th, 2017  9:55 to 10:25.

DevOps in Politics – Nell Shamrell-Harrington – Working technology for a political campaign involves the shortest timelines, tightest deadlines, and highest stakes you will likely ever encounter in a technology career. Come hear a tale of two political campaigns – a state measure campaign and a presidential campaign – and the application of both DevOps technologies and culture to move fast, pivot quickly, and hopefully win. One of the key challenges of politics – as well as DevOps in general – is harnessing automation without losing the critical human touch which moves hearts and changes minds. Learn how to find the line where too much automation (yes, there is such a thing) is counterproductive and you need to pull back to maintain a personal connection with voters, customers, employees, and more. You will also walk away knowing how to take the lessons and experience learned to future campaigns and projects – especially when your candidate, product, etc. does not end up winning. There is value – sometimes more value – in a loss as well as a win. Learn how to take what you can, iterate, and refine it for a future application.

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