August 30th - September 1st : All Day
Clayton Hotel Burlington Road
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Mandi Walls, Technical Community Manager will be speaking about Habitat at SRECon EMEA 2017!

Container Orchestration Systems make for a great operational experience for deploying and management of containers. But that’s only part of the story when running containers in production. How do you build containers that contain only what you need (like no build systems/tools)? How do you orchestrate configuration of your application after the containers have been launched? How do you make it easy to modify an application config while keeping the containers immutable? How can you give your developers a means to declare dependencies for their applications?

Habitat, our open-source project for application automation, simplifies container management by packaging applications in a compact, atomic, and easily auditable format that makes it easier to deploy your application on various container runtimes and manage them over their lifecycle.

What is Habitat
– The goals of Habitat
– The tools in the Habitat suite
– The relationship between Habitat and other tools
Using Habitat to Build Applications
– The plan file
– The depot and using other people’s plans
– The habitat runtime and supervisor
– Exporting Habitat artifacts to other formats
– Using the Habitat supervisor to hook up N-Tier applications
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