February 14th - February 17th : 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre
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Come hear Chef Engineer Nell Shamrell-Harrington talk about using Habitat to create cross-platform software packages!

One of the joys of Chef Habitat is the ability to create packages which allow you to ship your software to any platform, anywhere, with all the automation needed to manage it in production. Come see an introduction to Habitat and its capabilities and learn how to build an application on Linux which runs on Linux, then build the same application on Windows and run it on Linux, and create the same application on Windows and run it on Windows, all done through Habitat. We will cover creating packages which run on containers – including Docker, Windows Server Containers, and the Azure Container Service. You will walk away knowing how to break free of the platform wars and understand how to build and package applications with everything they need to run anywhere.

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