October 2nd - October 3rd : 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Chef Software
Seattle WA
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This year’s Community Summit will focus on contributing to Chef’s ecosystem of open source software. The first day of the Summit will consist of updates on the current state of ChefInSpecHabitat, and related projects. After the updates, we will host a number of open space discussions. The discussion topics will focus on contributing and improving the contribution process. These topics and outcomes will be determined by Community Summit participants.

After a day of discussions, we will roll up our sleeves, break out the keyboards, and start hacking on some projects. The second day of the Summit is a chance for you to work with your peers in the community building and shipping code. Whether this is your first open source contribution or you’ve been contributing for years, there are people here ready to help! Throughout the day we will demonstrate and celebrate the progress that is being made.

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