July 23rd : 10:00 am - 11:00 am
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Using DevOps principles, we can solve for specific security and compliance problems within software development. This panel will take a look at the various pieces required inside and outside of your Software Development Pipeline (CI/CD) in order to solve specifically for security concerns, resulting in a true DevSecOps environment. We will discuss how advancements in automation lead to increased visibility for security, including establishing chain-of-custody and positive control over systems, applications, and environments.

You will learn:

•  Why continuous automation is better than frequent scanning for development pipelines

•  How security’s role in the development lifecycle changes with DevSecOps, and what that means for security teams’ day to day operations

•  How automation ensures security and compliance by eliminating the human error factor of manual processes

•  How secured automation and access control policies can establish a chain-of-custody and integrity of our environments, allowing for a single source of truth

•  How a digital transformation to become a “coded enterprise” has helped organizations increase operational efficiency while also reducing risk

Featured Presenter: Galen Emery, Lead Compliance and Security Architect, Chef Software

Galen Emery is a CISSP Certified Security Professional focusing on Audit, System Hardening and Security’s role in DevSecOps pipelines and teams. He has extensive background in building hardened systems and implementing efficient & secure development methodologies to ensure delivery of a continuous and evolving security posture. At Chef, Galen works as the Lead Compliance and Security Architect helping organizations across the globe achieve secure and compliant infrastructure by design.

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