November 14th : 10:00 am - 11:00 am
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With the new year approaching, it’s a perfect time to reflect on accomplishments and what’s still left on your to-do list. For many DevOps teams, with management pushing cloud adoption, this means figuring out how to get all your applications quickly and easily to the cloud.

Whether an application is on the naughty or nice list, Chef can help you wrap them up into a single build package that can be deployed into any environment, without any refactoring or rewriting, all while helping you automate compliance and improve the overall manageability of your applications. In this webinar, Eric Calabretta, Chef Solutions Architect, will showcase how organizations like Alaska Airlines and Rakuten use Chef to increase agility and lower operational overhead over a wide range of applications.

Join us on Thursday November 14th at 10:00 AM PT to learn:

  • What configuration automation challenges the cloud solves (and doesn’t solve!)
  • How to succeed in the era of bi-modal IT and automated pipelines
  • How to use the same delivery processes across all applications, running on-premise or in the cloud, with Chef

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