June 5th : 10:00 am - 11:00 am
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Automate new and legacy applications in a cloud-native way

In this webinar, we’ll show you how to effectively use Habitat to deliver modern applications to Microsoft Azure. Habitat is a way to build, deploy and manage platform and provider-agnostic software that can run anywhere: any container orchestrator, virtual machines, or even bare metal — without repackaging, and with an identical delivery workflow no matter what the target.

Join Chef’s Trevor Hess and Microsoft’s Eugene Chuvyrov as they deliver Habitat packages to virtual machines in Azure, show how Habitat’s Builder service provides one-click, automated continuous delivery, and then do the exact same thing with Microsoft Azure’s Container Service (AKS). We’ll wrap up by showing how these techniques can be applied to packaging legacy applications as well, breathing new life into these old but valuable applications and imbuing them with cloud-native capabilities to help you move them to the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Join our speakers on June 5th to:

  • Learn how Habitat easily works on Azure
  • Understand the Habitat and Azure Architecture
  • Learn how to deploy Habitat packages to both Azure VMs and the Azure Container Service
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